Miss C is TWO Months Old!

This post is over a week late. Ah, life as a second child :)

Nicknames: Little Bit, Red, Red Dog, Tiny Person, Peanut

Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Big Sister, Gammy (grandma), nursing, being swaddled, the baby wrap, Ray Lamontage music, staring at your hands and the ceiling, grabbing mommy’s fingers.

Dislikes: Being put down, contraptions meant to lull babies to sleep and/or keep babies asleep, baths. Not a lot of dislikes, you’re pretty chill right now!

Milestones: More head control, finding your hands, SMILING!, cooing.

Weight/Height: Not sure yet, we won’t have your 2 month appointment until next week (I’m a slacker).

Clothing Size: Some 0-3 month clothes still fit, but mostly 3 month clothes.

Sleep: I personally think you’re a pretty good sleeper, and that’s what counts :) We’ve been fortunate that you’ve never had your days and nights mixed up. You typically take a nap in the morning for 45-60 minutes, a nap in the afternoon for 2-3 hours, and then 1-2 catnaps in the evenings (could be 15 minutes, could be an hour). You typically sleep a 4-6 hour stretch at the first part of the night, then usually another 3ish hour stretch, then you’re up hourly. We’re still co-sleeping most of the time, but I have been tossing you in the pack and play occasionally when I feel like I need a little space. You are quick to let me know if that’s not ok with you.

Random Tidbits: Your firey red hair is striking. People stop in their tracks to comment on it when they spot your head of hair. It’s a beautiful color. You’re a very happy and chill baby–as long as your held, fed and not tired, you’re happy as a clam. You smile a LOT, and always save the biggest smiles for Miss M. You’ve always been very patient—with waiting a few minutes to eat, or just chillin in your car seat while I put away groceries.

How are Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sis Doing?: Still doing pretty well. We pretty much try to figure things out as we go (like trying to get you both to sleep at the same time), but overall we think we’ve adjusted well. Big Sister absolutely loves you and if you get upset she always tells mommy to “make you happy”. You love to talk to Miss M and give her huge smiles. I love seeing how you two already adore each other. You started music classes with mommy and big sister a few weeks ago. So far you’ve only stayed awake for about 5 minutes of 1 class, but it’s still fun to have you there with us. You’ve also accompanied mommy and daddy on several dates :)

2 Month Photos:




Life as a Family of Four

We’ve been a family of 4 for nearly 7 weeks now. It feels like Miss C has been around a lot longer than that, and we can’t remember what life was like without her. It’s been a busy few weeks, but overall I feel like we’ve had a pretty easy adjustment period.

Postpartum Recovery

This time, my postpartum recovery has been easier in some ways and harder in some ways. Breastfeeding has been MUCH easier (my kid has a normal sized head/mouth), and I didn’t bring the flu home from the hospital, rendering me completely useless for over a week. I was instructed to avoid lifting M as much as possible for the first 2 weeks, which was pretty easy since my husband and/or my mom were around constantly. When I did lift her, it HURT for nearly 3.5 weeks. It was really frustrating, but I tried the best I could to listen to my body so I could heal faster. If someone else was around, I asked them to pick her up, and I encouraged her to come snuggle on the couch/in bed if she wanted to be held.

One of the questions I get asked most often is how breastfeeding is going this time. It’s been SO EASY this and I feel really lucky. Miss M had a super small head, which meant a super small mouth, so it hurt like hell for weeks. It was bad but somehow we made it through. Miss C had a normal sized head and mouth and it hurt a little bit for 3-4 days and then was fine after that. My milk came in very fast (even faster than with Miss M at 36 hours), and I have a slight oversupply this time but it’s not as bad as it was with Miss M. I’ve had 1 plugged duct, but I was able to make it go away in about 24 hours before it turned into mastitis.

I breastfed Miss M until she was 18 months old (and I was 15-16 weeks pregnant), so it was only a few months before my body geared up to feed another baby. I hope it continues to go as smoothly as it has so far. We haven’t attempted a bottle and honestly don’t know if we even will try it. We will see.

I have absolutely no idea how much weight I’ve lost since I have birth because our scale broke about a week before I had Miss C and we haven’t replaced it yet. I think I probably am still holding on to 8-10lbs or so, but again, I really have no idea. Most of my pants fit (let’s be honest, I only wear yoga pants, leggings, or dresses…), but some of my shirts are still too tight. I started postnatal yoga at 5 weeks postpartum, and am hoping to start doing more yoga in the coming weeks (and I need to start walking more with the girls…). 2 babies in 2 years have basically made my core muscles non-existent, but I don’t have diastasis recti luckily. I don’t really care about how much weight I lose, I just want my shirts to fit again.

Life with a Newborn

Miss C is overall a chill baby. As long as she’s being held/worn, has been fed, and doesn’t have a dirty diaper, she rarely fusses. Miss M was an extremely fussy baby who wanted to be swaddled as tight as possible, hated being worn until she was about 8 weeks, and wanted you to bounce or rock her CONSTANTLY. It was exhausting, and she often screamed for 2-3 hours a night (slight colic, maybe?) no matter what we did. Both my girls have hated any contraption meant to keep babies asleep (swings, bouncy chairs, etc), but we don’t mind holding/wearing C all the time as long as we don’t have to bounce/rock 24/7. For us, the adjustment from 0 to 1 was WAY harder than 1-2.

Miss C is a decent sleeper (in my opinion) and has pretty much always done at least one 3-hr stretch every night since she’s been born. Over the past few weeks, she often will sleep a 4 (and sometimes 5-5.5) hour stretch, mixed with 1-2 additional 3-hr stretches. I go to bed early and sleep as late as I can in order to not need naps during the day. Miss M is a night owl, but sleeps until 830ish so it’s been working well for all of us. I’ve been co-sleeping with Miss C in the girls room, and Miss M sleeps with my husband in the master bedroom. Recently, Miss C and I have started off the night with them in the master and then gone to the other room at her first wake up. If I didn’t have to change her diaper every time she woke up, we could probably stay in there most of the night. In time, I suppose :) We set up the 4moms Breeze in the master bedroom this weekend since occasionally Miss C isn’t ready to go to sleep, but Miss M wants mommy to lay with her. My husband will rock Miss C and watch some tv, then place her in the Breeze next to my side of the bed.

Miss C may be a decent nighttime sleeper, but daytime naps are hit or miss. I remember Miss M would often nap for 2-4 hours at a time during the day at this age, several times a day. Miss C rarely does more than a catnap in the mornings, unless she’s held or worn, and afternoons/evenings are hit or miss. If I’m wearing her, she will crash out for 2-3 hours at a time, so I often end up wearing her for naps at least part of the day. When I’m not wearing her, she naps best in the bed (unlike most babies who nap best in a swing, rock and play, etc).

Having a New Sibling

Miss M has been AMAZING with Miss C. She loves to help with her, loves to talk to her, and loves giving her kisses. She’s never acted aggressive or resentful towards Miss C, and overall she’s gentle with her (Miss C has been whacked in the head with Sophie, a cloth diaper, and a pillow, but that’s all part of Miss M learning to play with her sister…poor Miss C!). We’ve been dealing with some tantrums (I hate that word, but I’m not sure what else to call it), but I think a lot of it is normal 2 year old behavior since it started before Miss C was born. It’s gotten a LOT better over the past 2-3 weeks luckily, but it was very frustrating right before and right after Miss C’s birth.


I’m fortunate to have a lot of support and I’ve taken advantage of it, and it’s benefited us all. There have only been a handful of days that I’ve been alone with both girls for a full day (and not at all until C was 4 weeks old). There have been quite a few half days, but usually I have some other adult around–either my mom or my husband. Miss M also spends 2 days a week at my mom’s house, which has been a HUGE help—M gets constant entertainment, and I get to spend time alone with Miss C and work. Speaking of work…

Work Status

When I had Miss M, I was able to take about 12 weeks off before I started doing contract work for my company, so I could work from home most of the time. I’ve now been working as a contractor for nearly 2 years (wow!). However, since I’m a contractor, I didn’t REALLY get a maternity leave, which kind of blew. For the most part, I make my own schedule, and was able to hardly work at all in November (I think I worked 30 hours the entire month and most of that time was the 1st week of the month before I had C), plus my coworkers were more than willing to help me out with emails and things if needed. However, for most aspects of my job it’s more of a hassle to ask someone else to do things for me rather than just doing it myself. I started working when Miss C was 5 days old, but for only 1-2 hours here and there. It really wasn’t a huge deal (I would have been surfing Facebook or watching crappy tv anyway), and I put an away message up stating my response time might be slow. Starting at the beginning of December, I’ve picked up my hours a bit, working 10-12 hours a week, and starting in January I should be back to my normal 15-18 hours. Since I have so much help with M, I usually work when C is sleeping, or even with her on my lap occasionally. It’s not ideal, but I’ll do what I have to do to keep this job since the extra $$$ is nice and I do like my job overall (and it would be super hard to find another gig like this!). Oh, and I got my contract re-signed through 2015–woohoo!

Married Life

Since we’re in the middle of toddler-hood and have a new baby, we have to be creative with time for “us”. Since Miss C sleeps a lot, we’ve been going on “dates” when Miss M is with my mom and I wear Miss C. She rarely even wakes up when we are at a restaurant! We’re going to keep that going as long as possible. We also like to make a spread of cheese, bread, and other yummy appetizers to enjoy while Miss M is napping on the weekend, and we usually throw in a movie . With 2 tiny children (who both stay up super late), you’ve got to be creative! Even if Miss C never takes a bottle, it won’t be long before my mom can handle both girls for 2 hours so we can grab a quick dinner.

So that’s where we are right now. Being a family of four has been a lot of fun, and we’re really looking forward to 2015 with Miss M and Miss C!

Miss C is 1 Month Old!

Miss C is 1 month old! It seems like just yesterday she was born—this month has FLOWN by.

Nicknames: Sweet Pea, Squeaks, Red, Red Dog, Tiny Person

Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Big Sister, Gammy (grandma), nursing, being swaddled, the baby wrap, the Christmas tree lights, the ceiling fan, music.

Dislikes: Being put down, contraptions meant to lull babies to sleep and/or keep babies asleep, the car seat, diaper changes, clothing changes.

Milestones: Great head control, your movements aren’t as jerky, and um, being born was a major milestone last month :)

Weight/Height: Not sure. We have an appt with the Midwives later this week and will update this! At 13 days old you were 8lbs (up from 6lbs 14oz at birth). Apparently I make cream, not milk. Update: 10lbs at 1 month! Wow!

Clothing Size: Newborn (though they are getting too small!), 0-3 months, 3 month pants (darn cloth diapers!).

Sleep: Typical newborn sleep :) You usually do at least 1 3-hour stretch but then the rest of the night is a crap shoot. Luckily, we rarely have middle of the night baby parties (maybe 3-4 times the whole month) where you won’t go back to sleep after nursing. You typically go to sleep between 9pm-11pm and sleep until 7am-9am, nursing several times. You’re a FAST eater and pop yourself off as soon as you’re done and then you go back to sleep. Napping during the day is typical for a newborn too…some days you’re asleep a LOT, other days, not so much. Luckily, if you’re awake a lot, you tend to be pretty pleasant. You yell in your sleep a lot during the day and by the time we run over to you (or I turn on a dim light in the middle of the night), 75% of the time you’re back asleep already. You have bedshared with mommy since day 1, and are such a snuggler! Daddy and Miss M are bedsharing in the other room, eventually I hope we are all in the big bedroom together (but not when you wake up 4x a night!).

Random Tidbits: You look SO MUCH like Miss M, it’s unreal. I’ve called you by her name several times. You have fiery red hair that is totally adorable, everyone comments on it. I wonder if it will stick around! You’re more chill than your sister was at this age, and seem a lot more laid back (as long as your fed and not overtired, you’re pretty content). You’re a great snuggler–you know just how to find a comfy spot on whomever is holding you.

How are Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sis Doing?: We’re doing pretty good. The transition from 1 to 2 has been easier on us than from 0 to 1. We’re all still trying to figure out a good routine (well, as much of a routine as you can have with a 2 year old and a newborn!), so sometimes things are a little chaotic, but we make it work without too many disasters. Big sister absolutely adores you, and gets so excited when you’re actually awake. She loves helping mommy change your diapers, and thinks it’s amusing when you sneeze.

1 Month Photos:

 photo 1BA7B355-B61D-4DF2-8D25-A317EF67D840_zpsn9cseuf5.jpg

 photo 56E79B46-2D76-4C07-B39D-53F571C0B336_zpsopxawkur.jpg

 photo A1174BA1-FAA7-4C84-90A8-A46C5DE83ABD_zps7q1skcnj.jpg

Miss M is TWO!

Last week Miss M turned 2. She’s TWO, guys.

We threw a party for her at the end of last month, before Miss C was born. We wanted to do something ON her birthday though, so we took her to an ice cream place that has a playground and she had a blast! My mom and sister were able to come too, so it was like a small party.

What is Miss C up to at age 2? Lets see…

– She has been a big sister for a few weeks now and she LOVES Miss C. She gets super excited when Miss C is actually awake, and is always very concerned if she’s upset. She doesn’t always like ME right now (ah, gotta love adjusting to a new baby), but I’m really happy that she adores the baby. She’s already a great big sister and I know she will continue to be great in the future.

– She can recite all of her ABC’s and can identify about 2/3’s of the letters with her eyes.

– She can count to 18!

– She LOVES Clifford—she wants to watch the show every morning and carries her giant Clifford everywhere. He’s even in the newborn family photos that we had taken a few weeks ago (he’s totally a member of the family).

– She loves pasta, beans, chicken, corn, spinach, and dark chocolate.

– She is obsessed with Christmas trees.

– She is totally a daddy’s girl right now—she always has been, but it’s intensified since C was born. He’s her favorite person right now.

– She likes football and loves to yell “touchdown!!”.

– She’s the best swimmer in her swimming classes and next month she will move up into the higher class that doesn’t have the parent in the water—she will be one of the younger ones in the class, but I’m so excited for her! She LOVES swimming lessons.

– She loves to hang out in the backyard and blow bubbles and play in her sandbox and playhouse. And to look for airplanes in the sky.

– She’s been speaking in small sentences for a long time now, but her vocabulary is amazing. I can’t believe how well she can talk and string words together.

– She likes to pick out her own clothes, shoes and socks. She is very particular about what she wants to wear.

– She still has 6 teeth to cut–she is the slowest teether!

-She’s sassy, opinionated, and stubborn–it drives us nuts sometimes, but I love her fiery personality and she always keeps us on our toes.

Happy birthday, Miss M! Here’s to another wild and crazy year!




Miss C’s Birth Story

Please know this is a birth story. I want to remember all of the details for our family, so it’s LONG. If you aren’t into the details of birth, don’t read this :)  YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

I’m going to backtrack a bit with Miss C’s birth story.

Around 37 weeks, I started experiencing prodromal labor (false labor). I had timeable, REAL contractions between 37-40 weeks probably 5-6 times. It was extremely frustrating, and I never experienced that with Miss M. The contractions always stopped after 1-2 hours and never really got closer than every 12-15 minutes apart, except for the day before I went into labor.

November 6th, 2014 (39w 6d)

I woke up at 3:30am with contractions. Here we go again! They started out every 15 minutes apart, and quickly moved to every 10 minutes apart. I tried to go back to sleep, but the contractions were intense enough that I couldn’t sleep through them. Not horribly painful, but they definitely hurt. This went on until 6am. They were not getting stronger, not getting closer together, and I debated sending a text to my midwives and doula to let them know this had been going on but the contractions seemed to be slowing down again (went to every 15-17 minutes). I finally fell back asleep around 7am, so clearly this wasn’t real labor.

M slept like crap that night and was up at 745am (she usually sleeps until 8-830am) and she was a grump. I had slept in the other room that night since I was trying to get as much sleep as possible for when I did actually go into labor. I was in a horrible mood since I was exhausted, and I had a TON of pressure in my belly. I felt like crap and my husband hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep either since M had a rough night. I had this pressure feeling the day before I went into labor with M too. I was supposed to take M out to my moms for the day, but my husband took her out there instead so I could go back to bed. I took a long nap, and when I woke up, Will had texted me and asked if I wanted to meet for lunch before we headed to my 3pm midwife appointment.

I met Will at Jack Allens for lunch and ate an entire chicken pot pie (random, I know). Our waitress asked when I was due and couldn’t believe my due date was the next day. Oh, and funny tidbit—Will ordered a mixed drink from the bar and the bartender brought it over and sat it in front of me and told me to let him know if he made it correctly. I had to laugh—I have a GIANT belly that he couldn’t miss. It was pretty amusing. It was a nice lunch and helped us both relax and then we headed up to the birth center for my appointment.

My appointment was pretty straightforward, but we had a long talk with one of the midwives about the prodromal labor. I was starting to get concerned that once I was actually IN labor, I would ignore it because of how many times this “false” labor had occurred. I was nervous we wouldn’t make it to the birth center or I wouldn’t be able to get in the car because the contractions were too close together (it’s a 20 minute drive to the BC). She assured me that if that happened, they would either come to my house and it would be a home birth (they do home births too) or would even meet us on the side of the road and follow us to the birth center. I would NOT have to go to the hospital if we waited too long. I had 2 contractions during my appointment, which I didn’t think much of since I had at least 5-10 real contractions every day for the past week (plus Braxton Hicks!). We joked around that tonight was a full moon and maybe it would send me into labor, especially since the next day was my due date. I texted my doula to let her know how the appointment went, told her about the pressure I was feeling and she told me she was going to bed extra early that night in case I went into labor overnight.

We felt a lot better after the appointment, the midwife did a good job calming us both down. I went to Starbucks to do some work for about 2 hours before I picked up M at my moms. Will had class that evening until 9pm, so I had asked my mom to spend the night since my back was sore and the next day was my due date—we felt better with another adult being at the house in case I did go into labor and I was having trouble lifting M. I had a few random contractions that evening, but they were about an hour apart. I got M to bed around 930, and fell asleep with her.

Around 1045, I woke up with a contraction. I came out into the living room and Will was still awake, so we chatted a bit. I had another contraction around 11pm and I told him that he should go to bed just in case I went into labor. Something felt off. I had a small glass of wine to see if the contractions would stop. I had another contraction and I had to stop and breathe through it. I started timing contractions at this point, and between 11pm and midnight, they went from every 12 minutes to every 8 minutes. They were pretty intense, so I thought this *might* be real labor. I sent our main midwife a text and told her I was having contractions but I wasn’t 100% sure it was labor and that I would call her if it was real. The contractions were increasing, and just before midnight I called our doula and told her I was in labor. Since we anticipated a quick labor, the plan was for her to meet us directly at the birth center. I came out of the bedroom to wake up Will and my mom, and my mom was actually already awake getting a glass of water. She asked if I was in labor and I said yes—so weird that she had woken up at that time. I woke Will up about 1215am. The contractions started coming every 6 minutes apart and I was starting to get nervous—they were coming much faster. I called the midwife and the conversation was super short—contractions are increasing quickly, see you at the birth center soon. We quickly gathered our stuff, loaded it in and the car and headed out the door around 1235am.

Fortunately, the contractions stayed at every 6 minutes for the entire car ride, so I only had 3 contractions in the car. I was happy about that. Some of you will remember that we got stopped by a train for nearly 10 minutes on the way to the hospital when I was in labor with M. Well, IT HAPPENED AGAIN. Seriously. I couldn’t believe our luck—we rarely get stopped by trains at this crossing but both times I’ve been in labor, there has been a train. We were only stopped for about 2-3 minutes luckily.


We made it to the birth center in about 18 minutes and I think we all sighed with relief when we arrived. Our doula arrived a few minutes later, and they checked Miss C’s heart rate and took my vitals—all normal. At this point, I stopped looking at the clock. I texted my mom that we made it and put my phone away. It was about 115am.

I ate some snacks (cheese, a banana and water) and the contractions started to get more intense. I tried sitting on the yoga ball and hated it, and ended up doing a lot of cat/cow moves during and between contractions and some other yoga-type moves. Will pushed on my back when instructed, and the doula helped talk us through everything—she was amazing! I was pretty calm and while the contractions were intense, they weren’t unbearable.

I had to walk around during contractions–I couldn’t sit down at all during labor because of the pressure, but we were having a good time laughing and joking between contractions. The midwives checked on us every 30 minutes and I hadn’t had any cervical checks yet because I didn’t think I was that far along. The contractions were increasing in length and intensity, but I hadn’t felt that horrible, stabbing pain and pressure that I felt with M that everyone said was “transition” (I got a late epidural with M). The main midwife wanted to make sure the assistant midwife was there before I started pushing, so I agreed to get checked. I was dilated to at least an 8—WTF? I thought they were going to say I was dilated to a 4-5 and had a long way to go.

I decided to get in the tub at this point since the contractions were getting more intense, and OMG the jets were as good as drugs! I had to stand up during contractions, and used the jets on my back between contractions. It helped me relax a lot. I was still waiting for that horrible stabbing pain to occur, but instead, the contractions just kept getting closer together. I went from dropping the f-bomb during every contractions to not being able to talk and channeling my inner yogi (seriously) instead. I joked around about pulling Will into the water and drowning him for doing this to me (who makes jokes when they are at the end of labor? Me, apparently). I asked Will to get in the tub at that point too (though I don’t remember why I wanted him in there), but then the midwives realized the tub was too full and we needed to drain some water out if the tub for both of us to get in there.

I stepped out of the tub and one of the midwives drained the water, but before I could get back in this baby decided she was COMING OUT NOW. All of a sudden, I took a step towards the tub and then I had the most intense pressure and my water broke (I was standing up at the time). I started yelling this baby was coming NOW (no midwife was in the room at the time) and I honestly thought she was falling out and I put my hands down to catch her because I thought she was going to fall on the floor. The doula ran out to alert the midwives, the midwives ran back in, and told me they had this (she wasn’t going to hit the floor now), and I pushed once, overheard that the cord was around her neck and the midwife twisted her around or something to get it off of her neck, I heard them say “baby is about to be born”, I gave one more good push and a smaller one and she was out! Holy cow, that was fast!

In the background I heard “3:14am, time of birth” and had a baby thrown in my arms. Will and I were both like “OMG, what the heck just happened?” Just a few minutes earlier, I was getting out of the tub and all of a sudden, Baby C was born. I checked to make sure she was a girl, JUST IN CASE (yes, she’s a girl) and noticed she was super tiny and had bright red hair.

The midwives helped me over to the bed and Will and I laid down with Baby C. I had one more contraction and the placenta came out. We had our doula take some photos, and as soon as we were all stable, we were left alone with Baby C. We enjoyed staring at her and talking to her, and were only checked on every 30 minutes. We couldn’t believe how fast my labor was–we got to the birth center around 1am and she was born just after 3am. Holy crap!

First picture of the three of us.

Between 4am and 8am, Will dozed off here and there, but I didn’t fall asleep until 715am. Baby C was wide awake (just like M was) and nursed off and on and stared at me with her hand on my chest. At some point, the main midwife came in and did the measurements on Baby C—6lbs 14oz and 19.5 inches. 1oz lighter and the same height as M–I can’t believe how similar they were! The only time either of my babies cried after delivery was during the vitals check. The student midwife ordered breakfast for us around 7am at this amazing place nearby. Will and I both had Eggs Benedict. She brought it right to our room and set it up for us—I love that!


Around 9am, we had finished breakfast and were ready to start heading home. We got all of our stuff together, and the midwife finished her final checks on mama and baby, and we left the birth center around 945am. We were home just after 10am. M didn’t even realize we had left the night before and then we came home with a baby! More on that later, I’m also working on a postpartum post.

We had a great birth experience, from start to finish. The fact that my mom was already at our house the night I went into labor was a huge help. I am thankful for a short labor, and while it was super intense at times, it was never anything I couldn’t manage. This time I was mentally prepared for a short labor (and a long one, just in case!).

One thing that puzzles me is that with M’s birth, I had this horrible, knife-twisting pain combined with an urge to push between contractions. I didn’t have any break from the pain for nearly 2 hours. This time, I got a break between contractions until I needed to push. It was AWFUL and people kept telling me “that was transition!”. I believed them, but now having been through birth from start to finish without drugs, I assure you that was NOT transition. I remember the pain I had with M very vividly because it felt like someone was sticking a knife into my abdomen. The pain from Baby C was very, very different–it was more of a really intense pressure than a pain. And again, I had a break between contractions. I know M was sunny-side up for part of labor, and I’m wondering if there was also some sort of positioning issue or something else going on there (cervical lip? her hand in the way? who knows). SOMETHING wasn’t right with her labor, but I’ll never know what it was (and it will drive me crazy not to know).

I’m glad we made the switch to a birth center for this birth–it was definitely the right choice for our situation this time. I would definitely go with this center again (though they said we may need to plan for a home birth since I have fast labors haha) if we decide to have a third child at some point.

If you really read this entire post, I’m impressed! :)

Miss C is Here!

Last Friday, on my due date, Miss C was born. Another due date baby, just like her sister.

I’ll post a full birth story soon because I want to remember the details, but here’s the short version:

I put M to bed around 930pm and fell asleep with her. I woke up around 1045pm with a contraction. Went to the birth center around 12ish, not fully convinced I was in labor. Had a baby at 315am. The midwives brought us Eggs Benedict at 8am and it was amazing. We were home at 1015am that morning.

4.5 hour labor (and really only about 3 hours of me actually realizing I was in labor). It was nuts, but luckily I was mentally prepared for it to move that fast.

Here are some pictures of sweet Baby C!




Pregnancy Post – Week 37-40

I’m writing this post at 39w5d pregnant, so no, Baby Girl 2.0 isn’t here yet.

Miss M was a due date baby, so I’m hoping Baby Girl 2.0 will come in the next few days or so, but who knows what her timeline looks like :) I never expected to go before 39 weeks, so really I feel like we’ve just now begun the waiting game.

It’s been an eventful few weeks! Here is a quick recap:

– We had our master bedroom remodeled and then spent the next week putting our house back in order. It took FOREVER to put things back in their places and it’s still not 100% finished. Nothing is on the walls and we have a dresser in our living room (it will actually be there until we get a storage unit, which we are on a wait list for). Oh well, it’s functional and the construction is done, which is all I really care about at this point.

– We held an early birthday party for Miss M, since she will be 2 at the end of November and throwing a party with a 2 week old sounded like a nightmare. I’m going to try to make a separate post about the party–it was so much fun and we had a great group who came out to celebrate (42 people, which I cut back from last years 55…I invite too many people to our parties).

– I’ve been experiencing prodromal labor off and on since just before 38 weeks. I kept referring to it as “fake labor”, but apparently it has a real name. I’ve had 4 cases of tameable contractions, every 15-18 minutes apart, for 2-3 hours. Then they just STOP. It’s super annoying. Add that in with my constant Braxton Hicks contractions and people have probably thought I’ve been in labor for weeks.

– Week 36-37 was a rough one for me, physically. Overall, I’ve felt pretty good through this pregnancy but those 2 weeks I felt like I had been hit by a bus. My entire body hurt, I was exhausted again, and I was pretty miserable. I think a large part of this was because of the construction project going on at our house (meaning we had to be out of the house most of the day, for 8 days), one of our cars died (numerous times until they finally figured out the problem), and I had 3 workshops at the office. I was afraid I would feel like that for the rest of this pregnancy, but luckily that hasn’t been the case. Since about 38 weeks, I’ve felt much better. I’m really slow, and I have to pay attention not to overdo it, but I feel decent enough.

– My due date isn’t until Friday/Saturday, and overall I don’t mind people texting me asking how I’m feeling, if I have labor signs, etc. It is really irritating when (very)  close family members text me DAILY and ask if I’ve had the baby yet. Yes, I had her yesterday right after the last time you texted and forgot to let you know. And no, she’s not taking her “sweet time”, my DUE DATE ISN’T EVEN UNTIL FRIDAY/SATURDAY. Those comments can be made once she’s over a week late.

– I’m on weekly midwife appointments and there isn’t really anything new going on with these appointments. Blood pressure is still low (although it’s gone up a little bit, which means I’m not dizzy any longer–woohoo! It’s been almost borderline too low most of pregnancy—I had the same issue with M), I’ve only gained like 22 lbs, and Baby Girl sounds good and is super LOW.

Hopefully Baby Girl 2.0 will join our family soon. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival, and are definitely ready to get this show on the road! Crossing our fingers for a fast, but uneventful delivery. Wish us luck!

Pregnancy Post – Weeks 34-37

As of last Friday, I officially hit “full term” (37 weeks), according to my midwives. This is huge, because it means that when I go into labor, I can go to the birth center rather than a hospital. I hope Baby C stays put a few weeks longer, but it’s a huge sigh of relief to hit this point. Especially since as I’ve previously mentioned, I have several friends who recently have had pre-term births.

I’m on weekly midwife appointments now, and Baby C is looking good. She’s still measuring small (about 3-4 weeks behind), but has a strong, healthy heartbeat and will likely be on the smaller side (just like her older sister). I gained 27 lbs with M, but at my 37 week appointment I was only up 21 lbs (I even lost a pound), so it looks like I won’t gain as much this time as I did with the first pregnancy.

Baby C moves and thrashes constantly, and I’m having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions mixed in with a few real contractions here and there. Last night I woke up with contractions several times, but never anything consistent. I had the same thing happen with M for several weeks before I went into labor so I’m not really thinking I’m “that close” to delivering, but who knows what will happen.

We are currently working on putting our house back together after I thought it would be a brilliant idea to remodel our master bedroom at 36 weeks pregnant. In my defense, the materials took WAY longer to arrive then we originally planned for and it should have been done around 34-35 weeks. At this point it’s done, and looks great (our 1970s bathroom was open to the master bedroom–it was so weird—so we had it closed off, put in a pocket door, retextured all of the walls and replaced all of the baseboards) and I’m glad we did it. Our contractor was very motivated to finish before I popped out this baby, and I greatly appreciated that. The house is a mess, things are displaced, but we’re slowly working on getting it back together.

Overall, I feel pretty good. I’m large and in charge, and the bump is massive. As long as I don’t overdo it physically, I’m ok. I really have to pay attention to when my body is telling me to slow down or I pay for it for 2 days. I’m still doing yoga classes twice a week and it’s helped so much. I’m having a lot of right hip pain and IT band pain right now, so I try to do stretches every day to help keep this area loose. The hip pain has actually been the worst complaint I’ve had during this pregnancy, and I never had this issue with my first pregnancy.

We feel pretty prepared for Baby 2.0’s arrival at this point. All of the baby gear is out of the attic and is in the garage (we are bringing it in the house after M’s party), and we’re installing the car seat this weekend. I have a few freezer meals made, and am hoping to make a few more next week. I made a ton of stuff the first time, and am probably only making half as much this time since it’s so late in my pregnancy already. I’m working on wrapping things up at work over the next week or so, and I’m looking forward to some time off. I only work about 15 hours a week, but since I’m not an employee, I don’t technically get a maternity leave. I’m planning on taking 2-3 full weeks off, and then going back “as needed” for probably 5-7 hours a week through the end of the year. It’s not ideal, but I love my work-from-home gig and this is what I need to do to keep it, so we will make it work. Fortunately, I have my mom here in town and she is a HUGE help, so I think I can manage to work it out.

Right now, we wait for Baby 2.0. I’m planning on posting to the blog soon after she’s born, but instagram will likely have the first notification :)

Miss M at 21 Months

Miss M is going to be 22 months old in a few days, but I was determined to write a post about her little life before she turns another month older. She’s at such a fun age right now, and I wanted to make sure to document it since I’ve slacked off since she turned 1.

This is going to be a mommy-bragging post, so feel free to skip it if you don’t want to hear about all about Miss M’s life.

Miss M is a chatterbox—no other way to put it. The kid talks in 3-5 word sentences and knows more words than we can count (she passed most of the 2 year milestones verbally at 16-17 months). We understand about 90% of what she says and man, she gets MAD when we don’t understand what she’s saying. She can count to 10 and knows most of her ABC’s.

She LOVES to sing and knows a bunch of songs–it’s adorable to hear her singing. Her favorite songs to sing include “Row, Row, Boat”, “Itsy”, “Frosty the Snowman”, and “See Pony Galloping” (all her names for the songs). She loves to sing in the car and while we’re trying to get her to go to sleep. She also will spontaneously bust out a song while having dinner, shopping, or playing outside.

Speaking of music, we did music classes this summer and she absolutely loved it. They incorporate music and movement, instruments, and other activities in the class and she absolutely flourished during the classes. I’ve never seen her so into something. We’re not doing the classes this fall since my due date falls in the middle of the semester but plan to pick them back up in January. She was the model student too–it was so cute!

Miss M has been taking swimming lessons since June and after a rough start, she now LOVES to go and asks to go all the time–“swimming daddy!” (swimming with daddy). She can go under water for 7 seconds, float on her back, jump off the edge and hold onto the side. She’s working on kicking under the water right now.

She’s a very cautious kiddo. We’ve gotten lucky that M isn’t a “destructive” kid (I’m sure Baby 2.0 will be). She’s never really thrown things, broken things, or destroyed things. She looks before she leaps and isn’t a risk taker. Sometimes I wish she would jump more into things because that’s how I am, but she is so similar to my husband and I’ve had to learn to work with that :) She’s a little introvert, and I’m an extrovert so I’ve definitely had to change the way I deal with social situations with her and it’s made a huge improvement in her behavior. I wish I would have made these changes earlier.

Miss M is a pretty good eater. The child who hardly touched food until she was 13 months old has turned into a little foodie! I’ve actually heard this is common in exclusively breastfed kids—they don’t eat much solid food until 12-15 months but then they aren’t that picky. M loves chicken tikka, pizza, black bean soup, spinach with cumin and coconut oil, blueberry muffins, peanut butter, peas, stinky cheese (like  triple creams), and pretty much anything from an expensive restaurant that we bring home (haha). Most of the time she will eat whatever I give her unless it’s something she can’t chew it well, or it has eggs, is fish, or is spicy. She’s not a huge milk drinker, she drinks maybe 4-6 oz most days (sometimes goat, sometimes cow, sometimes almond).

Miss M is a huge bookworm. She reads books constantly, wants us to read to her all the time, and takes books everywhere. If we go to a playdate, most of the time she ignores the other kids and looks at the books. It’s adorable.

Speaking of books, one of M’s favorite things to do is go to Barnes and Noble with mommy. We get Starbucks first–she gets a milk or a water, and we split a bagel with extra cream cheese. Then we play with the train and/or the lego table, then we read books. We usually go about once a week and stay for 2-2.5 hours. It’s crazy! I have to drag her out of there. She has so much fun, and this has been a great thing for her and I to go together while I’m hugely pregnant.

I’m not sure how much she understands about this pregnancy, but she knows where her baby sister is, her name, and loves to give her hugs and kisses. She also gets irritated at daddy when daddy doesn’t tell Miss C “bye bye”. We talk to her a LOT about the baby and show her newborns and tell her that’s what is in mommy’s tummy, but we aren’t sure how much she comprehends. We will see in a few weeks :)

Other things Miss M likes: baths (OMG, I thought this would never happen), walking her stuffed animals in the toy stroller, putting stickers on mommy’s belly, cooking with mommy and daddy, spending time with gammy (my mom watches her a few afternoons a week and they have a BLAST), Elmo, Clifford, dressing up her stuffed animals in diapers and newborn clothing, shoes (daddy is in trouble), wearing bobby pins in her hair, riding in the ring sling on mommy’s side (still babywearing at nearly 34 weeks pregnant!), her play kitchen (she loves to make soup and coffee).

Things Miss M dislikes: large crowds, people that don’t respect her space (seriously, and she will LET YOU KNOW), extreme heat (and we live in Texas…), when you don’t understand what she’s saying/asking, kids her own age (she does much better with kids 2.5 years-5years),  when mommy has to wake her up in the mornings (we wake her up if she’s not up by 830-845…lazy bones!).

We love you, sweet girl! I can’t believe you’re almost 2!

Pregnancy Update – Week 30 – 31

The theme from the past 2 weeks has been FOOD.

I’ve definitely hit that point in pregnancy (again) where I just cannot get full. I eat constantly, and I make sure to eat a lot of protein and healthy fats but an hour after finishing a meal, I’m hungry again. It’s ridiculous.

Here’s how this morning went:

730am -wake up and eat 2 blueberry protein muffins.

9am – drive M to my moms for the day and head to my midwife appointment.

930am – drop M off and eat a cheese stick and some crackers.

10am – midwife appt. I AM STARVING and they offered me granola bars. Yes, they offered to feed the pregnant beast. I had to decline since I have a nut allergy, but I definitely was running out the door and didn’t want to chat for too long since I was hungry and starting to get dizzy.

1040am – hit up starbucks for a protein bistro box. Eat the entire thing in 10 minutes.

1110am – swing by my husbands office to switch cars (he had to take it in for an oil change and inspection….I love that he does those things for me) and ask him if he has any food on him because I’M STILL STARVING. All he has is his lunch. He says I could have it, but I feel bad. He tells me to stop and pick something else up to eat.

1130am – stop for an egg and cheese kolache before running errands. Eat the entire thing. FINALLY, I feel full.

Yeah, so I basically had 4 breakfasts today. This is becoming a daily occurance. I remember it happening with M too, but man, the hunger is INTENSE.

Ok, enough about food.

I had a midwife appointment this morning and as of today everything looks good. My Gestational Diabetes blood draw came back great (EAT ALL THE COOKIES), my iron is “amazing” for a pregnant woman (and I don’t take any vitamins, I only eat real food!), and my weight gain is fine (+19 lbs) so far. Baby C has also turned head down–woohoo! Let’s hope she stays that way. I had a feeling she flipped the other day when I started feeling hiccups in my lower abdomen instead of up by my ribs. Now her tiny tushy is shoved up in my ribs.

I’m still feeling pretty good, but I’m starting to move more slowly. It takes me longer to get up off of the floor after playing with M, and I’m not as quick to hop out of bed (which always makes M mad). I’m walking slower, and after a long day of activity my body aches for the bed. I’m sleeping ok, not great, but ok. I’m having issues with heartburn and it’s not awful, but it does tend to wake up me about once a night. I’ve also been taking power naps for about 20-30 minutes while M naps. I’m still attending yoga about twice a week and it helps with the aches and pains SO MUCH.

I’ll be 32 weeks on Friday. Wow! We’ve also got less than 2 months until the official “due date”. Time flies!