Surprise! Baby C 2.0!

Someone is going to be a big sister! Baby C 2.0 is due November 7, 2014!


We are super excited to add another member to our little family.


There are 4 of us in that photo. Sometimes I still can’t believe it!

PS – I’m having a lot of issues with WordPress. My posts have stopped showing up in readers most of the time and I don’t know why. It’s super frustrating.

Brain Dump

Long time, no blog. I feel like I say that with every post.

- Miss M is 16 months old now and she is a chatterbox and a copycat. She loves to talk, and now she’s super into copying what we say. Just yesterday she learned 4 new words (help, bread, mad, and bye bye). Holy language explosion! I can’t even count all of the words she knows—I stopped counting at 40 a few weeks ago.


-Speaking of Miss M and her talking, if a stranger says “hi!” to her, she will now answer “hi!!!!” right back. They are usually startled because they were not expecting the tiny person to answer back.

- We recently had a closet basically collapse (hello, 1974 closets) and decided to have the Elfa systems installed in 3 of the closets. I’m pretty much obessed with our closets now and wish we would have done it sooner.


- Most of my Ohio family moved to Texas in late November. It’s been really nice having them close by (they live 20 minutes away) and Miss M is LOVING having grandparents and an aunt to play with all the time. We’ve also gotten to enjoy several date nights recently, which has been a lot of fun. When the grandparents are around, Miss M pretty much wants nothing to do with mommy and daddy.

- Most of you know I work as a contractor for my previous company. My contract was extended through the end of 2014–woohoo! I still work from home most of the time, but have been going into the office a bit more recently since my mom is in town now. It’s been a great set up and I’m so happy to continue doing it through 2014. It’s more challenging to work when Miss M is awake now that she’s older, so mornings before she wakes up and nap time is dedicated worktime (she doesn’t go to bed until 9-930pm, and I just cannot work that late), and most days I don’t get a break at all–I’m chasing a very mobile baby, or working. I love it, but when daddy gets home I am wiped out!


- Somehow I’ve been managing to go to yoga 3-4 times a week for the past few months. I like a good Vinyasa class, but also really enjoy the crazy poses (working on Bird of Paradise right now!). That’s the main reason I rarely blog anymore—I don’t get a ton of free time and when I do, I tend to hit up a yoga class. Namaste.

- Speaking of work, I’ve been often working at coffee shops and really need to start a blog series entitled “Things Overheard in a Coffee Shop”. I’m not meaning to listen, but man, people can be really loud! Just today I witnessed a man hitting on a lady wearing a cowboy hat. He asked if she would like to go to a rodeo sometime. She totally shot him down.

Is anyone still out there? :)

Miss M’s First Birthday

Miss M turned 1 back in November, and I finally got around to putting the photos onto the computer. Better late than never, right? Only 2 months late.

We decided to have the party at our home since we have a big open area. We also have a great patio and crossed our fingers for nice weather—November weather in Atx can be beautiful or ugly.

The day of the party is was 32 degrees and it rained all day long. Fortunately, we came up with a decent backup plan since we had 52 people who said they would be attending, and we have a tiny house.

We cleared out our garage and put the beer out there with a radio so people could listen to football, since we couldn’t use the backyard. It worked great! We also opened M’s “room” (because you know, she’s slept in there never) for the kids to play.

Here are some photos from the event!