Pregnancy Post – Week 21 – 22

This week really flew by! We had a lot going on and then had lots of family visiting for the weekend of the 4th. Looking forward to a slower week next week.

The bump continues to grow quickly. I’m having a tough time sitting with my legs crossed since I’m carrying SO LOW this time. I’m noticing that when I move, I need to be a little more careful about where the bump is. I’m also starting to run into things with the bump. Baby Girl 2.0 is crazy active and I think she may have moved into a transverse position at some point during the week because I was getting bumps and thumps on both sides of my belly at the same time.

A little bit of news this week….we’re switching care providers, again. It’s been a decision that I’ve been debating since the first meeting with the new practice, and I finally came to the conclusion that it was time to make the change. I really wanted to like the new practice—they are supposed to be low-intervention and very hands-off and they have 2 docs and a midwife, so it’s a small practice. To make a long story short, I had a fairly quick (but really not that fast) labor with M (and probably would have been faster had I not had a stressful situation going on regarding my paperwork/doctor and then an epidural) and it’s possible this labor may be really quick (or really long…who really knows?). The first time induction was brought up, they made it seem like it was for MY benefit since I have a toddler running around. I wasn’t bothered by that, because I’m sure some moms would prefer that, especially if they didn’t have someone to watch their toddler at the drop of a hat. But I made it clear that was not an option unless it became medically necessary. The conversation should have not continued past that point. But it got brought up again. And AGAIN. I continued to decline this option, and wanted to yell, “DON’T YOU PEOPLE WRITE ANYTHING DOWN????”.

After the last time, I started to get very concerned that if something goes a little bit wrong (like my Strep B test comes back positive) they are going to push and push for induction. I’m well aware I can decline it, but I’m really not in the mood to have to defend my choices over and over again.

Additionally, I’ve come to the realization over the past few months that we had what a friend called “The Kate Middleton Experience” in the hospital (Birth Story, Pt 1 and Pt 2) because I gave birth on a holiday weekend and was the only patient on L&D and 1 of 3 in the postpartum unit. We pretty much had an entire nursing staff to ourselves, and I had lactation consultants and nurses trained in breastfeeding at my beck and call for 2 days (and we definitely had some issues early on). Overall, the experience was great for a 1st time mom but I know it’s not likely to happen again since I’m not due around a holiday. I have a sinking feeling we will need to “battle” for our wishes this time, which I am not in the mood to do, and I don’t particularly want to stay in the hospital and signing out AMA sounds like more hassle than I want to deal with.

Still reading? Ha, this is a long post.

After realizing that I don’t particularly want the rest of my pregnancy and delivery to be a battle of wills, we decided to switch to a low-volume birth center (it’s basically a home birth, but in someone elses house. Having a tiny house and a toddler took the real homebirth option off the list). The place is great, and I love the midwives, but I’m not thrilled that I have to make this switch. However, my desire to be left alone as long as things remain uncomplicated is stronger than my desire for an epidural this time. If for some reason I risk out of the birth center or have to transfer mid-labor, then I’ll be delivering in a different hospital than the one where I had M. As long as things go well, I should be able to leave the birth center 2-4 hours after Baby 2.0 is born, and the midwives provide several home checks after birth so I don’t have to go into an office. If I have to transfer to a hospital for some reason, we will deal with things as they come.

I’m sharing this on the blog since it’s my “journal”, but we’re not publicly blasting the fact that we’re going rogue and planning a birth at a “controversial” location. With pregnancy, birth, and parenting it’s pretty much “you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t”, so no matter how and where you give birth, people will judge/make comments if they would have done something differently. There are so many “debates” in the mommy world and I’ve made it a point to take myself away from those (I unsubscibe from blogs, facebook pages/profiles, instagrams, etc. that overshare their opinions—even if I agree with them) because I don’t find them helpful, I think it adds to isolating people who may not fully agree with your decision, and this birth will be no different (so don’t send me articles on OMGhowwonderfulnaturalbirthis or how OMGbirthcentersaresodangerous). I choose to stay far away from the crazy, divided birth culture going on in many areas of the US right now. The decision has been made based on what is best for us, we’ve paid in full, so it’s DONE.

Ok, enough ranting. It’s been an eventful week, but I’m looking forward to week 22-23!

Pregnancy Update – Week 20-21

I can’t believe I’ve hit the halfway mark with this pregnancy. It has FLOWN by. I wish I had more time to just sit and enjoy it, but that’s life when you’ve got a toddler and you work :)

Overall, I’m still feeling pretty good. The belly is growing at a rapid pace and I’ve had multiple strangers ask me this week when I’m due. Before this week, I got mostly belly stares (Is she pregnant? Or is that a taco belly?). Even my husband told me I look “really pregnant” all of a sudden.

As long as M sleeps, I’m sleeping pretty well. She’s working on cutting 3 teeth right now, so we’ve had a few nights recently where she’s been restless and pissed off for half of the night. Fortunately, she seems to be dealing with these teeth better than previous ones.

My only complaint has been the back pain. I’ve mentioned it here before, I’ve had tailbone pain and lower back pain since before I got pregnant with M. I don’t think my body fully recovered from my first delivery and so the back pain came back quickly. Well, now it’s radiating down into my right hip. Boo. Fortunately, as long as I can consistently do yoga I’m able to keep it in check. We’re making it a priority and trying to make sure I can get to about 3 classes per week. It’s much cheaper than a chiropractor or acupuncturist, which was going to be my next step.

Ok, I’m done complaining.

This little girl moves ALL THE TIME. M was WILD in my belly and she’s constantly on the go. Looks like I’ll be getting another crazy kiddo. If we got a calm child, we would probably think there was something wrong with her, so we’re prepared :)

If you know me in person (or on instagram), you’ll know I have way too many baby carriers (I haven’t used a stroller in over a year). When M was a newborn, I used the Baby K’Tan wrap with her. I wasn’t a huge fan of that carrier, and quickly moved into using the Ergo, Lillebaby, and a thin wrap. This week I purchased a beautiful Oscha Roses ring sling for Baby C. It’s half linen, half cotton, so it will actually work well for M too. I can’t wait for it to get here and start breaking it in (you definitely have to break linen in!). It should be a great option for keeping her close (because we know my children hate all the things meant to contain babies—swings, bouncers, cribs, pack and plays, etc), breastfeeding, and chasing around a toddler. One day I’ll write about babywearing during pregnancy—I get a LOT of questions about it when we are out and about now that I’ve got quite a belly.


Have a great week!

Pregnancy Update – Week 19-20

I can’t believe at the end of this week (tomorrow), I’ll be halfway through this pregnancy! That is, unless someone decides to hang in there a little longer.

I’ve definitely hit that “sweet spot” in the pregnancy and overall have been feeling pretty good. I have a decent amount of energy, and I can still chase the toddler around pretty easily (though it takes me a little bit longer to pull myself up off the floor). I’ve had some growing pains this week and have to be a little careful not to twist and move too suddenly.

I had a doctors appt this week and now I will start going every 4 weeks (I’ve been going every 6 weeks). I’ve only gained about 6-7lbs so far, and I’m definitely happy about that. It looks like I gained right about the same with the first pregnancy, I really thought I had gained like 10lbs with M at this point.

At our doctors appt, we had the anatomy scan. Since we are limiting ultrasound exposure as much as possible this time, I thought about skipping it, but ultimately decided to go ahead with it and make sure all of 2.0’s parts were there and everything was measuring correctly just in case we needed to be prepared for something unexpected. Good news is that Baby 2.0 looks great, all the parts are there—10 fingers, 10 toes, and all of the organs. AND…..we found out Baby 2.0 is a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We unfortunately had to take M to the ultrasound (my mom is out of town and I didn’t want to wait until next week), and several friends offered to keep her while we went but we thought it would be ok. She did NOT like it when mommy climbed up on the exam table and basically freaked out the whole time. Thankfully, the tech quickly got down to business and was showing us the legs, the feet, the butt, and OHYEAHITSAGIRL. Um, what?!?!? Both Will and I looked at each other in total shock and I said, “DID YOU SAY GIRL?????” and she confirmed that is in fact what she said and the baby was definitely a girl.


We are absolutely thrilled and I was a lot more surprised than my husband. I’ve felt like this baby was a boy the entire time—this pregnancy has been a lot different, and I KNEW M was a girl, so I was certain this was a little boy. M and my husband went out into the waiting room pretty much right after that (they have a GREAT kids area, it’s so awesome…not that we plan on taking her again) and the tech did check again a few minutes later and showed me all the ladybits in detail. We were fortunate to get a very clear “money shot”—there are definitely not any boy parts on this baby. I would have loved having a little boy, but I have always wanted 2 daughters. My husband loves having a house full of ladies, so basically this is exactly what he wanted (even though people think he’s crazy!).

We are SO excited that we will be welcoming Baby Charlotte into our family in a few months!

We went shopping for her after my appointment, because she can’t only wear hand-me-downs from Big Sister. TINY NEWBORN CLOTHES, OMG.


I’m still in shock that it’s a GIRL. Ah! Can’t believe it.

Pregnancy Update – Week 16-17

This post was written the week of May 23-May 30, 2014.

One thing to say about this week, pregnancy-wise: BACK PAIN.

Ugh, it’s been BAD this week. Lots of tailbone and SI pain. The only thing that helps is massages and yoga, and fortunately I’ve been able to attend 3 yoga classes this week and do a bit at home. It’s improving, but I have to keep up with the stretches or I pay for it.

I had to go into the office for a workshop this week, and since I work from home, not everyone knows I’m pregnant. Some people were definitely surprised—it was kind of amusing :)

I’ve been feeling pretty good this week, the only day I’ve needed a nap was after the night M was up yelling half the night because her teeth were bothering her (stupid molars).

One kind of bittersweet thing also happened this week—M weaned herself from breastfeeding. Sigh. I knew it was coming, the milk has basically dried up, and she was only nursing at naptime and bedtime. It was a little unexpected, and I definitely didn’t expect the last time we nursed to be the last session. I never loved the idea of tandem nursing a 2 year old and a newborn, but I wasn’t completely opposed to it, and I didn’t want to force M to wean if she wasn’t ready and/or have a traumatic ending to what has been a pretty great nursing relationship. She decided she was ready, and as long as someone snuggles her to sleep (we still co-sleep), she’s happy as a clam. It was extremely uneventful and unexpected. I’m happy we made it 18 months, and hope to make it at least that long with Baby 2.0.

I’m also feeling a LOT of movement right now. I’ve been feeling “flutters” for about 1-2 weeks now, but now I DEFINITELY feel Baby 2.0, especially in the mornings (I think 2.0 is hungry). I love feeling little baby movements!

Pregnancy Update – Weeks 15-16

Written the week of May 16-23, 2014

We are on vacation this week, so this post is going to be short and sweet. I’m finally starting to get a little more energy and have been able to skip my daily nap here and there—woohoo!

I’ve reached that point where I try to wear some of my regular clothes, and I put them on and they are WAY too tight in the belly. I’ve been wearing about 50% maternity, and 50% regular, but I think by the end of this week it will be 75% maternity, 25% yoga gear (ha).

My back has really started to ache this week. I developed a lot of tailbone pain while pregnant with M, and it never fully went away. It started back around week 13, but is back with a vengence right now. Ugh. While on vacation, I got an amazing prenatal massage, which helped a lot. We were out in the Big Bend area of Texas (beautiful, beautiful area), and that meant a LOT of driving, so that certainly hasn’t helped the pain this week.

Look! I took a bump selfie:

2.0 is growing, growing, growing!


15.5 weeks with M, and 15.5 weeks with Baby 2.0. So much bigger this time around!


Scenes from Life Lately

It’s already summer time here in Atx! Our days recently have been full of park time, splash pad time, water table time, and lots of ice cream dates. We haven’t made it to the pool yet, but I can’t wait to take Miss M! She loves water, and loved the pool last year so now that she’s able to walk (er, run), I think she will have a blast!

Here are some scenes from our life lately.

Kentucky Derby party in Dallas. Baby Bump 2.0 is trying to jump in the photo too.



Playdate at a friends house. Miss M hates all toddlers right now (but loves babies and older kids), so she prefers to play by herself when around other toddlers. Hopefully this is just a phase :)



Standing in front of a fan is a great way to cool down in the hot summer heat! BTW, check out her tiny feet. She’s still in a size 3.5!



Pondering the meaning of life, and eating a pile of cheese after a 3 hour nap. Ah, Miss M lives a life of leisure.



Reading bedtime stories with mama and Elmo on a night where daddy wasn’t home (usually DADDY does the bedtime routine). See that piece of fabric around her neck? It’s actually a tie that goes around a blanket but she LOVES to wear it as a scarf. It’s hilarious. Girl loves to accessorize.

Have a happy weekend!

Pregnancy Update – Week 13-Week 14

Written May 2-May 9, 2014

When does the 2nd trimster actually start? At the beginning of 13 weeks? At the beginning of 14 weeks? Apparently that’s up for debate, and I’m currently arguing with my insurance company over this. I am able to “earn” money towards our out of pocket costs if I participate in a program during pregnancy, but you have to enroll in your first trimester. I didn’t even know about the program until I was 13 weeks, 6 days. Not sure I’ll be able to qualify for that extra cash (which it’s only $200, but hey, every little bit counts when your out of pocket costs will be several thousand dollas), but whatever.

ANYWAY, on a more positive note, I had a doctors appt this week and we heard Baby 2.0’s heartbeat thumping away. For all of you gender predictors, the heartbeat was 155, which says GIRL, but M was always around 130ish, which indicated boy. I still think this one is a boy, and we will find out on June 18th. So excited! Overall the appointment was pretty uneventful, but the midwife did warn me that I could potentially have a quick labor since it was fairly short with M and that was with an epidural and my doctor asking me to wait to push since he had just arrived. Who knows, knowing my luck I’ll end up with a 40 hour labor this time :)

This has been a fairly uneventful week for the most part. I’ve been going to yoga off and on (prenatal and some gentle classes), and I’m glad I’m able to go again.

The bump is getting large and in charge, but of course I don’t have a photo this week. We’re working on rearranging our entire house right now and our full length mirror has been in the garage for over a month since we don’t have a spot for it right now, and I constantly forget to have my husband take bump photos. I can’t believe how much I’m showing for only being 13-14 weeks.

I’m feeling pretty good this week, though I’m still tired pretty often. I usually take a 45-60 minute nap with M every day, and then I’m going to bed with her most nights (she doesn’t go to bed until 930pm-ish, so it’s not like I’m crashing out at 7pm). She usually naps for about 2 hours, but her nap time is my work time since I work from home, so my naps have been seriously cutting into my productivity. I’m hoping the 2nd trimester energy burst kicks in soon!

Pregnancy Update- Week 12-13

Written April 25-May 2, 2014

Well, last week we announced on FB/Instagram and the blog that we’re expecting 2.0! It’s been nice to be able to share the news!

I’ve been EXHAUSTED the past 4-5 days. And nauseated again. Ugh. Isn’t this supposed to end soon? Some aspects of this pregnancy have been easier than with Miss M, and some things have been harder. But these pregnancies really have been very different.

The bump growth has finally slowed down a bit. I blew up a few weeks ago, and now I think I’m growing at a slower rate. I weighed myself over the weekend and I’ve actually LOST 2-3 lbs since my last prenatal appointment. Crap. I’m still breastfeeding (I’ll post about that in more detail later, but we did gently nightwean Miss M about 6 weeks ago and now she’s nursing only twice a day and I have no plans to stop unless she self-weans), and I’m a little concerned my doc/midwife might tell me I’m not eating enough. I eat ALL THE TIME though, and I am very good about getting healthy fats like avocado (or ice cream…) into my diet.

I’m pretty much only wearing maternity clothes or my stretchy yoga gear since nothing else fits right now. I’ve started going to prenatal yoga again, which is nice. I want to try going back to a regular, low-intensity class (like a basic Hatha class) soon, but I’m still getting a bit dizzy when I change positions too quickly so I think I’ll stick with prenatal for now.

Miss M now loves to give the baby in mommy’s tummy kisses. It’s pretty much the sweetest thing in the entire world.

Ok, now I’m off to take a nap!

Super Secret Pregnancy Post – Week 9-10

This post was written the week of April 4-11, 2014.

Wow, I stink at keeping up with the posts for this pregnancy already. I really need to do a better job!

Let’s backtrack a little bit…

When I was 7.5 weeks pregnant, I had an ultrasound and we got to see a teeny, tiny flickering little heartbeat! It was a beautiful sight, and a huge sense of relief. Baby C 2.0 is measuring a few days small, just like M always did. Everything looked good to go!

We decided to skip all ultrasounds this pregnancy except for the initial dating scan and the 20 week scan. I’ve read a lot of articles on ultrasound exposure and since I am a low-risk patient and much of the research is inconclusive and limited, we’ve decided not to take the risk. If I develop complications, we would of course get more ultrasounds, but at this time it’s not necessary. Since we’re skipping the NT Scan, my next appointment isn’t until early May when I’ll be 14 weeks.

I had pretty intense morning sickness until right before I hit 9 weeks, then it pretty much went away—yay! I hope it stays away. I still have intense food aversions—for 2 days all I ate was saltines and butter, and plain buttered noodles. Basically I eat like a 5 year old right now. It’s pretty bad and I hope it tapers off soon.

This week I’ve been feeling pretty good. I definitely have a baby bump going on (started around week 8) and people I haven’t seen in a few weeks tend to immediately look at my stomach. I’ve already started wearing materity shirts here and there, because they are more comfortable. I can’t believe how early I started showing with this pregnancy….I guess it’s true that you do show quicker with each pregnancy!

Super Secret Pregnancy Post: Week 6-7

This post was written the week of March 14-21.

I can’t believe I’m already 6 weeks pregnant, 7 by the time I finish this post. This pregnancy is flying by, and I want to make sure I document it as well as I did with Miss M.

The exhaustion and morning sickness have hit me pretty bad this week, it’s been a little rough. I’ve taken a nap when M naps pretty much every day this week because I’ve been so exhausted.

I’m eating like a 5 year old, which happened with M too. I want buttered noodles, bagels, and fried chicken. All the time.

I have a strong sense this baby is a boy. Very strong. I always refer to 2.0 (the nickname) as a “he”. Guess we will wait and see if I’m correct (we have no preference this time…girl or boy is fine by us).

My OB who delivered Miss M is no longer taking OB patients, so I was forced to find a new doctor. I’m a little bummed, since I had a good experience with that practice, but I think I found a small office with 2 docs and a midwife that I will be happy with. My first appointment and ultrasound is on March 25 and in anxiously counting down the days!